Thursday, July 3, 2008

In India now...

posting after really long time..almost 2-3 months,because we shifted to new place and then there were network problems there so no internet access there,then all of a sudden for unavoidable reasons we had to come down to India!
Its1.5 month here, today was the much awaited day for me, today Huda turned 1 alhamdulillah and I turned 25!

mashallah Huda has started walking, cant leave the front door unattended, as Huda sneaks out of the door every time she finds it open, and climb up the stairs...twice she climbed the entire steps and was sitting on the terrace making noise, we searched the entire house and finally found her on terrace! She has become very naughty!

Sameeha is enjoying her cousin s's company!
Especially today I am missing my mother a lot, for today I was treated very very special by her,now there is nothing special about today, its just another day!
missing you mummy...

I made biryani and bagaare baigan and custard.

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