Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to pavilion! Chicken samosa!

Hi guys, I am back after a long long break! I was on a nearly two month long vacation in India, first it was Hyderabad and then Tamil Nadu, during the Tamil Nadu stay we also had a magnificent trip to Ooty, loved the scenic beauty as our car started the ascent on the mountain, beautiful mist enveloped the lush green mountains, it was heavenly!

A foodie is a foodie, and I binged everywhere,in Hyderabad I caught up with all the stuff that I craved and missed all these years,nothing in this world can beat 'mummy ke haath ka paka khaana' ! Nearly after 5-6 years I ate 'chugar gosht',a dish made with the tender tamarind leaves with mithi daal and chawal combo,hmmmmmm just loved it ,still the taste lingers on my taste buds...sigh
And in Tamil Nadu I had crispy dosas,idlies,paniyaaram...yum!

So now I am back to pavilion, back in Dubai, sorry for the absence from the blogging scene for quite some time,as was busy with stuff,I wanted to blog about many things during ramzan but the drafts remained drafts and since ramzan is about to end in a week,there is no point in posting it, but heres wishing you all ramadan mubarak,
may Allah bless us all during the holy month and especially during the last ten days of ramzan.
recipe courtesy my friend Fareena,who makes very nice samosas!
Before ramzan started I made a batch of chicken samosas and froze it so that I can just take it out and just fry during ramzan, as it is my husband's favourite.
Half or quarter the ingredients as this recipe yields around 100-125 samosas!

1)Chicken boneless 2kg
2)Cheddar cheese 100gms grated
4)Ginger Garlic paste 2 Tbsp
5)Garam Masala 1 Tsp
6)mirch masala(this masala is made by grinding a cup of whole red chillies along with half cup coriander seeds and 1/4th cup roasted zeera i.e, 1c whole red chillies+1/2ccoriander seeds+ 1/4c zeera)-5-6 Tbsp
7)samosa strips 100 nos
8)cilantro 1 cup finely chopped

Note: since you aare adding cheddar cheese, you add very little salt,less than normal as cheddar cheese is salty therefore to normalize the effect better add very little salt first and then adjust after adding and mixing the cheese, in my samosas the filling was a bit salty as I added normal salt ,but the cheddar made it salty..*sigh*!

--First prepare the filling by boiling the chicken in a saucepan along with salt,ginger garlic paste,mirch masala,garam masala and a cup of water.
--When all the water has dried out,bhoonofy it till it is completely dry.
--Let it cool down for sometime,then grind it in a grinder to a kheema like consistency.
-- now take the grounded chicken in a bowl and add the grated cheese and chopped cilantro(you can also add chopped green chillies..optional!)and mix well.
--Now in a cup add a tbsp of flour and some water to make a thick paste.
--Take the samosa strip.and from one side twist it into a cone shape,halfway through,then fill in the cone the chicken filling, now press the cone down and cover the remaining samosa strip with the flour paste(for binding)and fold the strip such that the open side of the come is covered and forms a triangle.
--Repeat until you use up the entire filling,or your strips.
--you can deep fry it immediately or,you can freeze the samosas and fry whenever you feel like.
--First lay the samosas on plate and freeze,when it has solidified,take it out and stack it in a box or a ziploc bag!

The chocolate cake here was made for iftar, and the icing is made of whipped cream with a chocolate flavour ,it was made made half by me and the rest by my better half, this is the first time that my whipped cream has formed peaks, and so my husband got excited and decided to carry on further so he completed the whipped cream icing,I halved the cake horizontally and my husband did the frosting and then I grated chocolate over the cake, it looked awesome and tasted delicious!
I just have to disagree with the saying'too many cooks spoil the broth!':)

And this picture is of the iftar spread in a pakistani restaurant called Ibrahimi in AbuDhabi, where we decided to break our fast on a friday!
Notice the huuuuge tawa on which the iftar is arranged,food was also great,but I did not get a chance to take a picture!
The food was awesome,and not to mention the desserts, They had a huge variety of dessert,I loved the chocolate mousse, and I am gonna make some myself soon!

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