Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mirchi ka Saalan

Have you ever been to a hyderabadi muslim wedding that did not have biryani... I dont think so... and have you ever been to a party that served biryani..without the accompaniment of Mirchi ka saalan....well I don't think that either!

Its an accompaniment with Biryani... and it is as good... without biryani..thats what I feel!!
because as a kid when we had leftovers from the dinner party the previous day..I used to just relish this with roti, white rice,just anything...but people who dont like sour stuff(khatta)...this is just not for them.. but I just love it.....

People who have not had this earlier might be takem aback by its name MIRCHI KA SAALAN=== :-) well.. it doesn't mean that its made of green chillies and its HOT....thing is this is made from big mirchi that is deseeded

So here are the ingredients and it is easy know I am lazy cooker I prefer fast and easy recipes...with 2 babies around me one a toddler and the other an infant I gotta get stuff done before they wake up.... so for me shortcuts are most welcome, so people like me can read on... and people unlike me also can read on coz good thing with less effort is welcome by everybody I am sure.


Sesame(Til) : 50 gms
peanuts : 50 gms
coconut :50 gms
big mirchi: 1/4 kg
onion: 2-3 big
ginger garlic paste:2 tsp
chilli powder: 1 tsp
haldi:1/4 tsp
salt: as u like it
dhanya powder: 1 tsp
zeera powder: 1 tsp
oil 1 cup
cumin 1 tsp
mustard 1/2 tsp
methi seeds 1/8 tsp
tamarind: depending upon the amount of sourness u can withstand,I take arounf 1/2 cup pulp..u can increase or decrease accd to your taste
curry leaves 2 sprigs
cilantro 1/2 cup chopped
nigella seeds(kalonji) 1 tsp

-->heat oil in a wok
--> Slit and take out the seeds of the Mirchi and fry kacha-pakka(half fry),take it out and keep aside
-->Cut the onion into thin slices and fry in oil till it gets slight golden brown in color, take it out and keep aside
-->on tawa roast sesame, peanuts,coconut..separately
--> grind sesame,coconut, peanuts in a mixer, also grind the fried onions.
-->Now in a pot heat oil,you can use up the oil that you used to fry onion and chillies, when the oil is hot enough, put cumin,mustard, methi seeds, nigella seeds...when cumin is golden...out the grounded masala(coconut,peanut,sesame,onion paste), ginger garlic paste,haldi, chilly powder, salt, and need quite lotta oil coz this masala will be sticky fry the masala well... you can see the difference the gravy will become goldenish color and and oil begins too ooze from the sides of the have to bhoono-fy well.. coz if this bhoono-fying is not done properly you well get raw flavor of coconut and peanut.. and u know thats not good... so fry well :-)
-->squeeze the tamarind pulp and put the juice in the fried mixture, then put the curry leaves and chopped cilantro
when it starts boiling put dhanya powder, zeera powder, and the fried chillies..
---> cover the pot and cook on low flame stirring frequently till the gravy thickens and the oil separates...

You know the oil layer that stands on the gravy will make u feel guilty ,but gluttony is not a sin:-)

Enjoy this... well i suggest put the curry leaves with sprigs.. after it gets cooked you can take out the sprigs and serve coz most people dont like the curry leaves when it comes while eating:)


P.S. This is my mom's recipe.. she used the dried coconut..and I use the dry dessicated , so i dont know how it tastes with the naaryal type of coconut.


Mona said...

Salaam, I posted my version og Mirchi Ka Salan a few days back on my blog, and isee that your and my methods are quite similar :-) .. I love this curry !

syeda said...

walaikum assalam, well this recipe i learnt from my mom when I last visited hyderabad.....I love this too!