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birth story of Sameeha--9th march 2005

8 March 2005!
Oh God I have an appointment at the hospital to check my sugar levels,the delivery is due anytime next week,I have to go early for fasting blood sugar, my sink is full of dishes to be washed,my house is in mess, oh I just wish I had to go a little later so that I can finish off the clean up and then go,tch tch ,leave it ,will do it after I come back,will take 2-3 hours for fasting and then post lunch sugar levels.

Oh this was what I was thinking when I left my home, done with fasting blood sugar,I went to my gynecologist , I waited in the waiting room patiently,as anyway I had lot of time to kill for my post lunch test. The wait didn't seem long,next was my turn!

After a few mins , there I was lying with all the stuff around me, the nurses checking the baby's heartbeat...dhab dhab dhab dhab...oh it was so great, although this was not the first time I was hearing it, but I looked forward to each visit to the doctor to hear this ...!

After this, the series of events that occurred were,so high paced and unexpected that I dont remember so exactly,but here is what happened, the Doctor said the amniotic fluid content is less...your labour should be induced!!

Oh my God!!

I was happy! I was scared!I was anxious(normal or C-section)!I was confused!I was just dumbly following through the proceedure of the hospital, showing the insurance cards,then they gave us bands,with my name and husband's name to me and my husband ,and after baby is born , the baby will also have the band with my name, oh I guess for obvious reason that all babies look alike and they don't mix up!(aww )

hmm mmm with all the range of feelings ,there was one intense, I was HUNGRY!!!
I told my husband I am dying of hunger get me fooooood!!
Oh poor dear! he went and searched for the canteen, he got fries,bread ,butter! thats what he could find halal there!

Oh I hungrily munched into those fries!!!mmmmmmmmmmm, I only had a couple of the fries when, the doctor came in , and said..after the labor is induced I am not supposed to EAT anything!! only liquids....ohhh, now I was not fretting at the idea of labor pain ,but at the idea of no food,you know how hungry pregnancy makes us, and thank God alhamdulillah, I never had nausea!
Even after what doctor said I sneaked some fries, but then a nurse came in and threw it in the dustbin!!!
now I was induced at 12 noon, oh nothing happened,till 6 just feeling hungry,aaah from 6 in the evening mild pains started,the nurses came put the those things that shows the contractions on CRO on my tummy,with gel and stuff, wow this was so new to me, actually I was enjoying it coz the actual pain had not started and I didn't had the idea how much painful that pain is!!

OK@ 6 contractions started, I was looking into the graph beside me, the intensity, it was very very around 8 the nurse came in made bed for my husband, ohhh nice fluffy pillow and sheets!! oh somebody is lucky!
oh then the contractions intensified, Oh i gasped, then when it wasn't there I told the nurse I was hungry! She got me a Popsicle, I thought wow what great food to fill me, even in those pains I was craving for solid carbohydrates!

oh by 10-11 I was having high intensity contractions, my husband tried to deviate me,he asked me what to name the baby? we decided on Afeefa!, but still the name wasn't ringing the bell, I said look for some other names, there he was searching,.

I am a movie buff,anytime of the day you ask me to come watch movie ,I am Eveready!!
Our room had a television, with cable, all my favorite serials were being aired FRIENDS,titanc movie on another channel,oh that time the nurse trying to distract me, switched the tv on, I felt like throwing anything I can grab on the tv to shut it down!

Now 2 .am ,9th march, very much in pain! waiting for my next contraction,I saw my husband blissfully sleeping! first I was really annoyed,for I was in pain and he was sleeping, but then he had a hard day! my admission in the hospital was out of the blue!He had to go to office then come here, go home, get things...he needed the sleep!
I was also catching up with the sleep in between the contractions!
morning 5, I thought I'll die of the pain,I could not take another 5 mins of the pain, I wanted them to do whatever but take the baby out of me,but I didn't had the energy even to open my mouth,12 hours of labor pain almost 36 hours of deprivation from food, made me really weak.
The doctor came in at around 5.30 and said, haaa haa you gotta wait another 3-4 hours .

I thought I cannot live through these 3 hours,the pains were unbearable, but in another 5 mins ,the doctor came and said, The baby's heartbeat is going down we gotta operate her!

they transfered me from bed to stretcher, wheeled me in to the labor room, I was really scared, Alhamdulillah, in US they allow husbands in the labor room,the anesthesiologist injected anesthesia, on the lower part of the spinal cord, my body below the abdomen felt numb,then they put a curtain sort of thing so that I cannot see people tearing off my tummy:-(
I held my husband's hand throughout,that comforted me,I knew he will be there for me,and he loves me.....and the baby, will strengthen our relationship!
Oh I wasn't feeling the pain, coz I was numb ,but the emotional outburst of thoughts made me cry!

6:59 am 9th march 2005 born a baby girl Sameeha
weighing 6 lbs
length 21 cms
and of all she was born with 2 teeny weeny teeth (huda also)

(forgot to tell,as they were wheeling me into the labor room,my husband walking with the stretcher said what about "Sameeha"how is the name?,I was in so much pain that I literally said,kuch bhi rakhlo naam,So Sameeha was named by her father!)

then after the cutest crying I ever heard,I heard the sounds of somebody stapling,I wondered,wow paperwork in labor room?hmmm!
but actually they were stapling me(yaaa,wierd,in India they stitch, I never know that people staple also...maybe US doctors do that).
then I saw the baby,,,,,mashallah she was so cute,so tiny,so precious,I love you baby, alhamdulillah! thanx allah for giving me a healthy baby!

After that I don't remember anything,I was in total unconscious state, getting up only when the nurse came in with the baby to be nursed.

Its 3 years now, it just seems like it was yesterday,how fast children grow!

Not much was done on her birthday, we went out for dinner. This post was long overdue, I had been writing it for a week, saving it in draft.


Anjum said...

hey syeda..i was reading this post of urs...i felt so emotinal too ya...ayaans delivery also was almost the same..i had 2 days of labour but delivered normally...i too was damm hungry!!!...i m really anxious abt my nxt delivery in april..duas 4 me post new borm pics of sameeha wid this post