Thursday, March 20, 2008

peanuts chutney

Khichdi, chutney, Paapad, ghee !!!

yummy, this was the regular breakfast in our house on Sundays!

khichdi,with a a spoonful of desi ghee,made by my mom, adding to it the tang of peanut chutney and crunchy munch of pappad and of course with chandrakanta on television was what sunday was like........
Some foods have a lot of memories attached to it,this is one of it!
khichdi is very simple, my mom used masoor daal,I used moong instead!

Usually khichdi was either accompanied by khatta or chutney, khatta is nothing but tadka of zeera and dried red chilly on tamarind juice,with salt and green chilly paste and chopped cilantro!
But I prefer the chutney. Mummy used to make til-phalli(sesame-peanuts) ki chutney,since I had only peanuts at home, my version is only phalli ki chutney i.e, peanuts chutney.


peanuts 1/2 cup
tamarind -lemon size ball of tamarind
cilantro 1/4 cup chopped
onion 1/2 sliced
green chillies 2(as much as you can dare to bear)
ginger garlic paste 1/4 tsp
zeera for tempering
1 dried red chilly saabit(optional)

Roast the peanuts on a tawa, for about 5 mins, or till the it turns dark pink,!let it cool.
--Simultaneously squeeze out the tamarind pulp and keep it aside
--After the peanuts are cooled, rub it so that its flaky skin comes out.
--In a blender,put the peanuts,green chillies and tamarind pulp,ginger garlic paste,salt and blend it.
--Now transfer the mixture in a bowl and add to it chopped cilantro and sliced onion.
--heat oil in a wok for tempering, when it is hot, put zeera and dried red chilly saabit, let it get brown...immediately put the zeera in hot oil to the peanut ,tamarind mixture.
--Enjoy this chutney with khichdi,or anything you fancy!

P.S: Just in case you need the recipe of khichdi, Mona's khichdi recipe is great on her blog zaiqa