Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dessert in desert !

At last I am proud of what I made!! Though fruit salad is a really simple and easy dessert,but a little bit of decoration makes it more appealing and gets you a lot of appreciation,especially from your better half, wo kehte hain na..'miyan khush tho hum khush'.
Last night I made custard..no,not from scratch..then chopped some fruits and tossed it into the custard,then chilled the dessert! Sameeha loves flavored jelly, so I made some for her...chilled that too...then decorated the custard the result was this.

P.S. I used some of Sameeha's jelly for the decoration....I love kiwi...isnt it beautiful!!

Hmm....the heat wave is catching up in Dubai, as the mercury levels soar,we need a drink to keep us cool, as mango season is also coming up, this is an apt drink. But to be honest, this is not from the seasonal mangoes. During our last visit to Carrefour, I bought a huge can of mango pulp, I used up half of it for mango lassi, and the rest I am planning to make something from a blog that I recently read, So here are the pictures of the lassi....proceedure? well its very easy
in a blender mix the mango pulp, yogurt,sugar,lil orange juice,milk,1/2 banana .....serve chilled!

But this is a heavy drink,I mean since mango and banana and yogurt and milk...all constitutes to high calorie contents....a glass of this will be filling and you will feel like skipping the lunch or dinner....and I don't think this will be an appropriate choice for drink after food..as I am sure you wont be able to finish it!
But believe me..its super yummy!

Sameeha also loved this!


Mona said...

Fruit Custards are always a favorite and perfect for summers. Kiwi is definitely a beautiful fruit. That looks too delicious!