Monday, March 3, 2008

my babies

Of late Huda has become very very naughty,she has started crawling and is into everything, she finds the minutest kachra that goes unnoticed by us! Her favourite is the pistachio's shell, however hard I try to dispose that off in dustbin, Somehow,I guess Sameeha drops it around ...(Sam loves pistachios and kaju). We have named Huda kachra detector:-D ! I know, too bad on our part. Huda has now also learnt to pull herself up in standing position holding furniture,door or wall...but she has not learnt how to get down after standing up...So that's the main problem now...when I am busy in kitchen doing dishes..she pulls herself up and gives a 100watts smile...proud of her accomplishment on getting up on her own tiny feet, ''Oh dear'',by the time I come running from the kitchen...DHUM she falls down!

I was wondering how different two children can be,even sisters...I am seeing the clear differences how sameeha was and how huda is....sameeha started walking really really late...she started walking at the age of around 14 -16 months but started speaking way before that, but huda on the other hand already started crawling and...pulling herself up...just at the age of months! Sameeha has power in her pitch...Huda is mashallah strong.

I sometime think might be Sameeha took time to walk because she was born out of C -section and Huda normal...but then that's stupid, I am talking like an idiot!

Sameeha is very very sensitive, I don't know what will happen when she starts going to school, she starts crying at slightest comment on anything, and cannot defend herself,this I am saying by an incident that occurred yesterday which forced me to think what to do..

We have a girl of Sameeha's age in the house next door,who sometimes come in the evening in our house to play with Sameeha, but while playing, she hits Sameeha really bad,sometimes pulls her hair ! What does any child react to this...I don't know? might be some will hit back,some may not hit back but defend themselves so as not to get hit...but Sameeha got hit every time and came crying to me....Now I am in a confused state...I am really angry...but then that is also a baby!what do I do? I explained to her lovingly..but again she hits her ...I took her back to her house and left her there. Again today she does that right in front of me and her mother, but the mother doesn't say a word, just lightly says"beta don't do that"! I was so pissed off...coz if the same kinda bullying happens to her in school, who will comfort her? she should learn to defend herself, was I at fault , coz I taught her not to hit other children,might be that's why she doesn't hit back or defend herself. I just don't know..probably time will teach her to be brave with bullies!

Now the greatest challenge of having 2 kids is giving attention to both! It is so very obvious that a mother loves both her kids, but it comes naturally when one is totally dependant on you and the other at least is able to walk,eat ,do things herself, you give attention to the one who is totally dependant,but the older one,who has been getting 100% attention till now sees the attention,love,everything divided...will be sad,whenever I give a bit more attention to the younger one!

But these`days I enjoy watching both play together, Sameeha jumps around like a monkey and Huda laughs out loud, then they hug each other, Huda`tries to kiss Sameeha opening her mouth full as if going to eat:)
May God keep this love between them throughout their lives...Ameen


Anonymous said...

May Allah listen to all your duas that are good for you and your kids, Aameen

syeda said...

thank you so much for your duas!