Wednesday, August 13, 2008

back in Dubai

Back in Dubai!!! The connection is back, and I am back on the blogging front!!

Had been cooking well last few days but did not find time to blog! learnt quite a lot of new stuff back in india, the must learn list includes....
gulab jaamuns, ras malai, boghur upma........
I made gulab jamun and mashallah it turned out yummilicious...and its can finish it off in a breeze,same is the case with ras malai.

I plan to bake cakes and breads and pizza soon...I had seen so many yummy recipes of cakes and breads, especially the challah bread, by nabeela of trial and error, but so stupid of me, I never wrote it her blog is private...!
I made chocolate cake, and mashallah it turned out great!

Inshallah will post the recipe of gulab jamun in a couple of days
till then

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Mona said...

welcome back!
hope your trip was loads of fun.
where di you guys move to?

yasmeen said...

Dubai is a beautiful city. Good to see you back.

syeda said...