Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is one dessert that I love...this was also my sister's favourite,this ones for you Baji......

Generally,its a lengthy process to prepare gulab jamun from scratch,but due to the ready mixes,nobody cares to make it with the original painstaking long method,
but the difference in taste between the two is quite prominent.

Now,this method that I very very easy and very close to the original mother in law taught this to me...thanx a ton MIL...the results were superb...and everybody loved it.
Back in TN,in my in laws place,I also tried out the original method using khoya etc...but the thing is,I liked this taste better than that, and the ingredients were at hand need to go out for any exceptional ingredient like khoya, because here in dubai ,generally we have the milk powder (nido) at hand,lets get started

milk powder(I used Nido) 1 cup(standard sizes)
egg white from 1 egg
ghee 1 tsp
milk as required
1.5cup sugar(2 if you want really sweet)
water 1.5 cup(sugar:water ratio should be 1:1)
cardamom 2 pods
oil for deep frying

--> Mix togeather milk powder,eggwhite,ghee, using milk knead the mixture into dough,be careful do not put lot of milk,just enough to make it the consistancy of dough.
--> Leave it for 10 mins,meanwhile, in a pot, pu sugar and water and cardamom, and let it boil for around 10-15 mins,then lower the flame to sim.

-->now grease your hands with oil and make balls from the milk powder dough.
-->Heat oil in a wok, when it is hot enough lower the flame and fry the jamuns till they are golden brown.
-->Take out the jamuns and dump it in the sugar syrup(you can transfer the sugar syrup in the serving bowl,but take care that it remains warm or hot when the jamuns are being dumped into it).
--> Let it stand for at least half an hour befor serving so that the jamuns absorb the syrup.
-->Enjoy the Gulab Jamuns melting into your mouth...drooooooooooool..

hope you like it,do try it out and let me know....ras malai is on the similar lines but...a little bit different!

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Mona said...

The Gulab Jamuns look yummy Syeda. Glad to see you back to blogging about your delicious recipes!

syeda said...

thank u so much Mona, do try this out and let me know..

Anonymous said...

Hey sis,

Thank you so much, love you and miss you

regular to your blog to see what's cooking...

Fi Amaanillah

mummyjaan said...

I see it's the little one's birthday today. Happy birthday!

And oh, the gulab jamuns look delicious.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow gulab jamuns are mouth watering dear. Belated birthday wishes. Nice and yum recipes. First time here. Nice blog.

syeda said...

anonymous: thanx

mummyjaan:thanx,I see your blog is public again, I love reading about little apya and babbu, and thanx for the wishes, the birthday was in july..

kitchen flavours: thanx. and thanx for the try it out, and lemme know:)

yasmeen said...

AsSalaam Alaykum Syeda,
Found you thru Mona. you know gulab jamuns never turn out to be perfectly round and smooth. Yours look just the opposite..perfect!
Good to see another Muslimah's Blog.

syeda said...

walaikum salam yasmeen,
thanx a lot,3-4 of these will not be perfectly round but after few tries you will get perfect rounds:)

syeda said...

walaikum salam yasmeen,
thanx a lot,3-4 of these will not be perfectly round but after few tries you will get perfect rounds:)

Zee said...

Yummm-O..simple yet precious! Thank you for posting this recipe:)

mummyjaan said...

Hi Syeda.

About the milk, could you give an approximation of how much you needed to use while making the dough?