Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dill fritters

Come Ramadan and we think of Iftaar, the yummy delicacies that are made especially for this month,but every house has it's must-have dish for ramadan, though the ramadan spirit is similar throughout,but the foods differ.
Back in Hyderabad,haleem was the food of the season, haleem was(still is) made at houses for iftaar party,or in hotels in a huuuuuuuge pot, one single person could not hold that big spoon to stir,then dahi vada,pakoda and boiled chana dal seasoned with lemon pepper and salt and cilantro, were the must haves everyday and of course dates!
Then in TN, a very nutritious porridge is a must have, along with crispy onion samosas.
And here in Dubai, Harees is a must,must-have. How is harees different from haleem?
that was the same doubt I got when I first heard of Harees.
Haleem is a spicier version,and harees is not spicy. If your taste buds are on the spicier side then you will find harees bland.

But due to easy availability of harees here during ramadan, I get Harees from take away ,and then alter it by giving a spicy tadka to it,so that harees is transformed to haleem:D, so much for these spoiled taste buds!

Ok, so inshallah when I make these ramadan specialities will definitely post,
but for now, one of my favourite,dill fritters(soya pakoda),if for some reason you cannot find dill, then you can replace it by chopped curry leaves.

I learnt this from my aunt,back in hyderabad, who is a very good cook.
I generally enjoy it all by itself,but my husband dear likes to dip it in a dash of tomato ketchup.
I find it easy to make and very tasty.So, here we go

Urad daal-1/3 cup
Moong daal -1/3 cup
chana dal-1/3 cup
onion finely chopped-1 medium
cilantro chopped-1/2 cup
dill(soya)-1/2-1 cup chopped(depending on how much it's flavor you want)
ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp
green chillies-3 chopped
red chilli powder
baking soda 1/2 tsp
oil for deep frying.

--Soak the dals for 2-3 hours after washing them.
--Grind the dals coarsely,so that the ground mixture is not a paste ,but semi ground.
--Put in the rest of the ingredients, and mix well.
--Heat oil in kadhaai or frying pan,when its hot lower the flame(lowering of flame later makes the inner part of the fritter get cooked well) and spoon in the batter .
--After spooning in the batter wait for about 30-50 secs and then turn the fritter, and fry till it gets golden .
--Take it out on a paper towel so that it absorbs the excess oil.
--Enjoy the fritters with tomato sauce.

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yasmeen said...

Ramadan mubarak Syeda :)
Looking forward for your ramadan specials.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Ramadan Mubarak Dear. Mashaallah great work of words. Thank u for leaving comments on my blog. Just write down like this and link this page back to my page or u can use the logo in the post u r writing on ramadan and link it back to my page. There are many other bloggers who are writing on Ramadan, u can get the links from my page. For more details check out the link,
If u have any futher doubts u can mail me or leave comment on my page.

Anjum said...

asak ramadan mubaraak.,lovely blog first time at ur blog i loved ur kheema pulav n gulab jamun.,good work.,n thanks for joining ramadan special event

syeda said...

yasmeen: ramadan mubarak to u too, inshallah will be posting soon,

kitchen flavours: thanx
for adding me in ur event.

anjum:ramdan mubarak to u too,thanx for for adding me in ur event

Kitchen Flavours said...

Dill fritters sounds tempting and gr8. Inshallah i will try out these soon. If u r not able to post any new recipes due to less time u can easily repost the recipes, i.e., u can post u r old recipes again. wow it is gr8 to know that u were in Bangalore for sometime. It is still like that it is raining everyday. No outings on weekends also. I too like commercials a lot.

Kitchen Flavours said...

I want u r mail Id sent me a mail at