Sunday, October 5, 2008

Atlantis - The Lost Chambers

Eidakom Mubarak !!!So the festive season is over ,back to normal life.It was great fun during the eid holidays ,we had an entire week off here!

So,not much cooking was done during these days,first day was a trip to Abu Dhabi to exchange eid greetings,then second day was at the Dubai Festival City where we enjoyed the new initiative by Dubai called 'Eid In Dubai' with events ranging from laser and fireworks to Barney show for kids, lots of festive discounts especially on gold and jewellery,and offcourse lots of eating of eid delicacies at the well decorated eid tents,..

We then had a fishy third day of Eid when we visited this new resort called ATLANTIS which opened in Dubai Palm recently after its success story in the carribean. It was quite an experience to enter through the trunk of the PALM over the ocean until we reached the tip of it, to find nothing less than this gigantic setup of Atlantis.

The above Photo, Courtesy PhotoPumpkin..

We then visited The Lost Chambers in it, which showcased the beautiful underwater life . Sameeha and Huda truly enjoyed every bit of it..Here is a collage made by my husband of some of our favourite pictures

It was a visual treat,to all of us. Just come to think of it how GOD has created so MANY different species,each having its own distinct color,shape and beauty ,and how beautiful they are....the fishes had such vibrant colours,even the best fabric designers will have to come down to check out how beautiful shades and tones these fishes have and the combnation of colors that these fishes have....Subhanallah,just look at this family below, as good as ours.. Dad, Mom and Kids.. don't these Creations point to the Creator..

So all in all we enjoyed the trip,my husband being a nature lover,loved the entire trip,Huda loved watching the fishes, but for me and Sameeha the best part was when we saw the starcast of FINDING NEMO(obviously the stars in it were NEMO,MARVIN AND DORI),I was pleasantly surprised to see that NEMO really does exist. Before this I thought,it was just an animation, and also Dori.Sameeha got all excited when she saw Nemo and Dori, and was jumping up and down when she saw the real underwater diver too, who CATCHES NEMO in the movie!

Here's the collection of pics of REAL Nemo and Dori (actually clownfish and i dont know whats the real name of Dori) with a Nemo potrait as background

And if you can spare 6:06 minutes, here's a video on our trip.. Enjoy!!

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Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow nice pics. Hmm pictures show you had nice time with family. Allhumdulliah.

Zee said...

Hey looks like you had a wonderful time there!:)..Dubai continues to surprise me in spite of its different were the early 90s and look how far it has come today!

Anjum said...

looks like u had a blast i the eid holidays!!!,dubai is awesome,loved coming there for a vacation.,ur lucky to stay there..its a paradise!!!n thanks for posting such lovely pics n video

maimoona said...

EID Mubarak!
Looks u had a nice time in your Eid holidays.Dubai had always been on my wish list ,of places to visit.

Yasmeen said...

Thanks for the interesting post about Dubai and your eid celebrations.
Me and my miya often talk about moving to Dubai. The beautiful weather,desi crowd and exciting places to go.
How are the schools in Dubai?. I feel in US the Schooling system is too lenient, mera beta School Jaake aur sharaarti ho goya:).
By the way nice video, I like the Titanic music too in the back. Aap kaan hai video main?:)

syeda said...

KF: THANKS,Yes it was real fun and especially during Eid .. Alhamdulillah!

Zee: yes Alhamdulillah it was lot of fun,yes Dubai has changed a lot,90s is actually way back,dubai is so vibrant and dynamic that it keeps changing in weeks..

Anjum:Yes Alhamdulillah!`yes dubai is good and am lucky,no doubt its a paradise of shopping and eating,

Maimoona: yes alhamdulillah it was nice,mashallah from ur posts i got to know that you are haji,mashallah,you have been to mecca and madina,these are the places in my wishlist!

You are most welcome yasmeen! moving to dubai was our topic of discussion as well when we were in the US and India. schools are really good here! you have all kinds of syllabus ,British ,American curriculum, CBSE etc.., you have a wide variety of choices to choose from!and the best part is that you can provide the best of the western world without compromising on the desi and islamic culture wont ever feel like you are away from india!
arre bache hote hi hain shararath karne, meri ladkiyan ladkon se zyaada shararath karti hain!
titanic is my favourite ..mein kahan hun video me? mei hun usme ek jagah..dhoondo dhoondo:)

Yasmeen said...

thanks for the info about schools syeda.I'll let my miya know about it.
Next time zara clear photo post karein, abhi utni patience nahi hain dhoondne. Neend aaaree hai raat ho gayi:)

Anonymous said...

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