Friday, October 31, 2008

Gajar ka Halwa(carrot dessert)

On a lazy Friday,leafing through the FRIDAY magazine,I saw this fantabulous recipe and equally inviting picture of Gajar ka Halwa. Now I was not at all in the mood of grating the carrots ,so I dropped the idea of making it ,but then I started craving for it,so much that I started wondering whether I was pregnant,because during my first pregnancy I was craving for gajar ka halwa like crazy,never knew it was so simple,that time following the instructions from shan masala mix and making a decent dish was an accomplishment,I couldnt cook! either the mutton wouldnt get soft,or I would have put LOT of salt,or once I had put lot of chilli powder,so after realizing that,I was terrified,so to mask the chilli powder I added sugar,1-2 tbsp!!!! just imagine,my husband had to put up with my food,cribbing all the time,why didnt I learn cooking!!
Anyways now he is happy that I am improving! Credit goes to him,for being my connoisseur !
So coming back to the topic,to fulfil my cravings I brought some from a desi sweet shop in Devon,I was not satisfied by the quantity,but then beggers cant be choosers right?
So as I went to drop Sameeha for school bus,I brought a kilo of carrots from the grocery and started working on it!

Oh talking about Sameeha,she is enjoying her school,goes happily,sometimes she says "mumma school mein aapki yaad aayegi na mumma":)
Huda on the other hand is very very very naughty! She bullies Sameeha,breaks things,spills everything........and of all her mischievous endeavors,the most annoying one was when she dropped my NEW mobile phone in a cup half filled with tea!!!

1)Carrots- 1 kg
2)Milk 1 Ltr
3)Ghee 150 gms
4)sugar 350 gms
5)cashews-50 gms(chopped)
6)almonds-50 gms(chopped)
7)unsalted pistachios 50gms (slivered)


--Wash and grate the carrots.
--In a saucepan,put about a tbsp of ghee,and then put the grated carrot into it,saute for some time and then put milk,cover and let it cook on medium-low flame ,stir every now and then so that it doesnt stick to the bottom of the saucepan!
--Now after the milk has been absorbed and the carrots are soft,add sugar and mix well,and let all the moisture evaporate,such that the mixture is dry.
--Now in another saucepan,heat the rest of the ghee,when it is warm throw in the chopped cashews and almonds,and fry them till golden brown color,then put the carrot mixture into it,mix really well,such that the carot mixture glistens because of the ghee coatedover it.
--Serve warm garnished with slivered pistachios!


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Kitchen Flavours said...

Halwa looks tempting. Click on the link to to collect your award Spicy Hot Chocolate

Anjum said...

Asak husband loves gajar ka halwa.,i was looking for a perfect here it is!!!!...i hope grating carrots is easy as making the halwa.

Yasmeen said...

Gajar ka halwa is the only dessert i could make for a long time after marriage. Lovely presentation!,you made it so perfectly.
Huda's naugtiness matches with Nasif,just last week he broke my $200 sun glasses,snap in a second!

Hugs and kisses to your li'l ones:)

mona said...

Syeda, My mum used to prepare Gajar ka halwa using a different kind of carrots, they used to be more darker(slightly red) and sweeter in taste in comparision to the regular orange carrots. I am not able to find those kinds here at all!
Your Gajar ka meetha is making me drool. Lovely presentation.

Divya Vikram said...

Carrot halwa looks gorgeous n very nice presentation..thanks for commenting in my blog n helping e discover yours..

sara G said...

Your carrot halwa looks soooo tempting and the recipe sounds simple enough to make. Very good photos too.

Armina said...

ASAK Syeda.. I was a little caught up with kids n stuff.. had accompanied hubby to chicago on his work trip.. n had loads of food from devon.. :) Ur gajar ka halwa looks absolutely enticing.. presentation is fabulous.. I cannot stare at the picture any longer.. lol! Thanks for leaving a mssge for me.. it was sooooooo sweet of u! :)

Adlak's tiny world said...

Hi syeda thanks for dropping by and for yr lovely words.

yr blog is so colorful with delish pic. love this halwa. Yr way of presentation is too good and neat. Love to know abt yr daughter huda and so cute baby she is.

vidhas said...

carrot halwa looks deliciouu and your Quabanni ka meetha is new to me, it looks so.. yummy. Nice receipes in your blog

anudivya said...

Hey first time here, the pics are just too good, and nice recipes... :) Good work.

meeso said...

Oh yum, that looks great!

Arshia and Yousuf said...

Asak Maryam,
Good creative work. We'll be trying your bakhlava today. The pictures look awesome. Sania was excited to see sameeha in the video.
So when r u visiting us.

Yousuf and Arshia

sowmya said...

looks favourite dessert..