Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bird's Nest

This appetizer looks like the nest of a bird,therefore it is named bird's nest, a must try for people with kids,they will love it,my kids loved it:)
Of late I have become a nostalgic soul,I miss my old days so much that I keep thinking of it all the time,is there a problem in me or is everyone like that?
College days were fun! I miss all my friends, everybody is dispersed in one or the other corner of the globe,I just wish those days never ended, those were days filled with fun and mischief.

If only life had a rewind button! We could go back to the days where life was so simple without any responsiblities or commitments and bloody expectations from everyone,days spent pampered by everyone...

But life in reality is hard like rock without any rewind
Ok bored you all with extra special 'gyan'.This avtaar of mine appears every now and then,when I feel that, why did we ever grow.... life should have been the way it was. but no we have to face the reality..
Sometimes looking at Huda I feel how blissful she is,so innocently ignorant with this world and its know sometimes ignorance is a form of bliss...seriously!
Ok ,sorry I will go on and on..with my better get going with the recipe

1)chicken boneless-500 gms
2)potatp-3 medium
3)ginger garlic paste-2 Tbsp
5)pepper-1 tsp
7)shredded mozarella cheese-1/2 cup
8)zeera powder-1 tsp
9)garam masala- 1 tsp
10)Seviyan(sheerqorme waali)-1 cup (crushed)


--Wash the chicken pieces and put it in a pressure cooker along with ginger garlic paste,salt,pepper and some water and cook till the chicken is very soft,if there is any water remaining cook till all the water is absorbed.
--separately boil the potatoes,then peel and mash and keep aside.
--Now shred the chicken pieces,add to it the mashed potatoes,zeera powder,garam masala,check for salt and pepper if it is less you can add now,if you want you can add chopped cilantro,but thats optional, then add some lemon juice.
--Mix everything nicely such that a homogeneous mixture is formed.
--Now take portions of the chicken mixture,grease your hands with oil and form a ball of the mixture, now make a well in it using your index finger,add about a teaspoon of the mozarella cheese in the well,now press the mixture on top of the well such that the cheese is enclosed in it, make a ball, and repeat this with the rest of the mixture, you will be able to make aroun 25-30 balls with the mixture, the size should be that of a tennis ball.
--You can freeze this at this point if you want this to be used later,but first freeze it on a plate for a couple of hours and then when it has frozen,take it out from the plate and put it in a freezer bag and freeze.
--Put the frying pan on heat with some oil in it to shallow fry.
--Now break the eggs a in a bowl and whip a little ,such that the egg yolk and egg white mix well.Dip the chicken ball in the egg ,such that it is coated with it on all sides.
--Put the crushed seviyan in a shallow plate,roll the checken ball coated with egg in seviyan such that the crushed seviyan get stuck on the chicken ball.
--Now shallow fry this ball in frying pan till all the sides turn golden brown, repeat with rest of the mixture.
--Enjoy it warm...
Weather in Dubai is changing,its not hot at all, not cold, I enjoy this pleasant weather in our balcony,with my coffee mug and the Bird's Nest, watching the trafffic jam on the road from Dubai to Sharjah or Sharjah to Dubai :-)

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Zee said...

This is something very innovative and unique..never came across this recipe before..seems to be yummy and a pleasure to the taste buds...gonna try it very soon..thanks for sharing it:)

Anjum said...

Asak syeda..its a new unique recipe...i loved the ingredients...must b tasting graet,i will make it soon,i have many friends here in my apartment n we meet up in the evening,will make it for the kids..great job!!

meeso said...

These look great, I love this recipe!

maimoona said...

Going down the memory lane an enjoying the beautiful memories is one of my favorite pass time too.
Birds nest looks delicious

sara G said...

Birds nest looks crispy and yummy.Sort of breaded chiken ball yaa.. About nostalgic memories .. I agree I too have these feelings one too many times but then again we relive them through our childrens lives. Thx for info on Dubai weather. My family and I will be in Dubai next week..soo excited to be back in this beautiful city.

A.F said...

ASAK Syeda,
Wonderful recipe..its a cocktail of food from all the food groups.And when kids love it,what more do v want!!Thank u,will try soon.Im nostalgic too at times,but then i think if i were in those days,i would never meet my hubby n would not have had such lovely kids.Make the most of this time Syeda,thank Allah and then look at the positive things in the present.Maybe laugh with ur kids n play with them, it will make u feel less nostalgic.Take care...

siraj ahmed said...

Well done excellent !!

Yasmeen said...

Edible nests are such delicious creations,I'd love to gobble them with my cuppa coffee:)

mallugirl said...

wow! i just made this a couple of weeks back.. but do u have to fry the potato balls before dipping in egg mix? i just made it like cutlets and then used semiya instead of bread crumbs.

Vij said...

Hi ya
This is my first time here. You have a lovely space. Jus popped in to say a hi!

Bird's nest is so innovative. looks yummy n tempting!

Vij said...

Can ya tell me wats this seviyan? is it vermicilli u r referin to?

Do tell me!


syeda said...

Zee: thanx, zee do definitely try it out andletne know how it turne out,you are most welcome

Anjum: hey ,I wish I was in ur apartment to come for your tea party;)

Meeso: Thanx

Maimoona: Thanx..

sara g: yes, seviyan are vermicelli,we use it instead of breadcrumbs for crispiness,yes u r right,we should relive through out children's lives! u r coming to dubai? do lemme know when.

AF: Thank u so much for droppig by my blog. you are 100% right,, but then SOMETIMES Dil hai ke maanta nahin:),thanx somuch for ur kind words, try out the bird's nest and lemme know,how it turned out.

Siraj: Thank u so much:)

yasmeen: it!

Actually,first chicken and potatoes should be boiled first,chicken alng with spices, since the chicken will disintegrate i oil while frying,noiled and mashed potato is mixed with it for binding,the potatoes act as binding agents, since both chicken and potatoes are boiled no need to fru before dipping in egg.thanx for dropping by!
Vij: thanx for dropping by, and thanx again.
seviyan are fine vermicelli here we get roasted ones from MEHRAN ,I guess you will get this company in ry itout and lemme know!

Malar Gandhi said...

Hi Syeda,

First time here....ur food pictures are breath taking! Birds nest is absolutely new to me....wish it is not hard enough to fix at home! Btn gajjar ka halwa, khubani ka meetha are all my fav' sweets. You made me to rush to the store now....wanna fix something sweet afterall!:) Dude, will visit you often....

sara G said...

Assalamualikum. I wil be in Dubai on 21st Nov to 25th before flying to Istanbul.

syeda said...

cool sara u can call me when u r here ,if u want.I will drop in my number in ur email:)