Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chocolate-Coffee Frappe

The weather here has changed,days are pleasant and cloudy,nights are cold and breezy! This beautiful weather is best enjoyed with a cup of coffee, So each evening called for a cup of coffee,in the pleasant evening breeze,but one day my taste buds yearned for something different,So I set about experimenting in my kitchen with the ingredients available in my fridge...and voila,I am so glad that I tried this,because this is a really yummy beverage,being a coffee lover,I have fallen deeper in love with coffee.....
1)Vanilla ice cream-6 scoops
2)Instant coffee powder 1 tsp
3)Nesquik chocolate -1 tsp
4)Milk 1 Cup
5)Sugar 2 Tbsp(adjust to your taste)

--Heat milk in a saucepan,put coffee powder and sugar,mix untikl dissolved,turn off the flame and let it come to room temperature.
--In a blender put the coffee,milk ,sugar mixture and 4 scoops of Vanilla icecream and nesquik chocolate powder(or any cocoa powder),blend at high speed,till the mixture becomes frothy.
--Transfer in tall glasses(this recipe makes 2 tall glasses),add a scoop of ice cream on the frappe and sprinkle some cocoa powder.

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meeso said...

Yum, Looks perfect for the cold, lazy day I'm having!

Kitchen Flavours said...

I want it now, now means now :-((((. Looks die for.

Yasmeen said...

mmm..I love the sight of frothy tall glass of frappe with ambrosial flavors:)

Anjum said...

i love frappes...this one sounds so simple.,i rememer having it them daily at coffee day with armina

Zee said...

WOW! Anything with coffee will obviously taste right..loved your idea of making this frappe..thanks for sharing the recipe:)

A.F said...

ASAK syeda,
thanx for the lovely recipe.its summer here and i would love to chill with this one...perfect for a hot day!

Adlak's tiny world said...

frothy tasty glass of coffee... wait wait don touch i am on d way...

check out my blog for something new and spl waiting for u to pick up in my recent post.