Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rambling about Sameeha...

I love the small conversations that take place between me and Sameeha,she has started speaking logical, like elders,but still with the innocence of a child.
Everyday I go down to send her off the school bus, and everyday she says,
'Mumma aapki yaad aayegi na school mein' so I say,
'aap jaao,mein peeche se taxi mein aaungi'.
Then one day when we were waiting for the school bus,a helicopter flew over us, Sameeha was very excited, and said
'mumma hum us mein baithenge na,kaise hamara pair utni oopar jaayega?'
I said'hamara pair oopar nahin jaayega,wo helicopter neeche aata hai tho usme log baith the hain'.
So this topic ended there,and we started talking about something else,then her bus came and again as always she said
'mumma school mein aapki yaad aayi tho?'
I said as always'mein aaungi peeche se taxi mein baith kar'

so she said'mumma taxi mein math aao,helicopter mein aao:)'
I said'Oh OK!'
27th Nov is her sports day, she is supposed to be doing march past and drill:-)
Its really amazing to see how enthusiastic she is about her homework, because as far as I have seen, and even I HATED home work, but when I say 'come Sameeha lets do home work'...and she is like 'Yahoooooooooo', by home work I mean she has to trace alphabets and numbers on dots!
She assists me in her own small and special way,by bringing or putting away things,cleaning the dastarqaan,or just co-operating with me during her younger sister's tantrum session:-)(these days,its fun to watch the Tom and Jerry LIVE,Sameeha is suppposed to be Tom and Huda is supposed to be jerry).
But Love and soft talk is the only way by which she listens,sometimes when I am bugged by something ,and then ask Sameeha to do something with an angry tone, she sulks and becomes her stubborn best,but again if I change my tone and say'Beta..plz kardo na...plz bebu'...and BAM its done!
She will be four in March,it seems as if,it was just yesterday, we brought her home from hospital...time just flies... with the same speed ,time will fly and she will be a Big girl!Inshallah!

May Allah give her a happy and successful life and a rewarding Hereafter...Aameen

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Anhar said...

ASAK Syeda,
Ameen(for the last sentence in the post)!!
It feels so nice to read about your little escapades with Sameeha.Infact i can imagine how things change as kids grom up.Beleive it or elder one has the same trait as Sameeha,when i order him to do something angrily he would not budge but when im softer and say lovingly,he abeys!what temperaments man!!you take care dear!

Zee said...

What a cute and adorable lil girl you have..Mashallah..May Allah bless her always..It was fun reading about her antics and your adventures with her..I am not sure if you agree but I find lil girls cuter and chirpier than boys of the same is so much entertaining watching them grow:)

Yasmeen said...

I'm charmed by Sameeha's innocence...May Allah showers His choicest blessings on her.
I agree about the soft approach to disciplining kids... chilla chilla ke fhaeda nahi ,pyaar se samjhana sahi hai..though it is challenging sometimes for a short tempered mom like me.
Hope you continue to cherish the innocent ramblings of your adorable girls:)

Anjum said...

Asak syeda,
that was cute pic of grow so fast na...i loved reading about her,she must b very lovable girl.,looking forward to read abt huda as well...even ayaan is the same here..these days he's saying no for just everything...nxt month inshallh he will b 2...nice post

Mona said...

Syeda, It was so lovely to read about your lil dolls. She is gorgeous mashallah. Lil kids and their innocence is one the most admiring qualities of their age. Nicely written!

sangeeta said...

cho chweet......may god bless your li'l angels...

first time here n loved it.

Anonymous said...

aswk i love the way u have writen every thing about u a ur daugter... i have a 1 n 6 months old baby... i have she will also miss me when she will go to school.... i pray to allah for all the happiness in ur babies life ameen