Friday, November 14, 2008

Its MeMe time ......and award time

Hi,I have been tagged by Yasmeen of Healthnut and Lubna of KitchenFlavour for this 7 Meme,so here goes..
I am also tagged by Hema of Adlak's tiny world for this memd

7 Things I Say More Often:
2)Sameehaaaaaa....Hudduuuuuuuu..kya, kar kya rahe ho tum log(what are u guys doing?)
3)OK,OK fine, Its OK
4)Maafi Mushkil, Mushkil nahi,Masla nahi,koi baat nahi
5)Thank you soooooooooo much
6)I am soooo sorry

7 Things I Did Before:
1)Did my Engineering in Electronics and Communication
2)Had the time of my life during the four years of my engineeing with my friends
3)Had the time of my life visiting the DISNEY(Magic kingdom,epcot,MGM) and Univarsal Studios ORLANDO
4)Streaked my hair secretly(but after coloring it wasnt secret anymore and I got a good spanking lol)
5)Spoke endlessly on phone with my best friend Sanober.. who is now in Australia
6)Ate very cautiously(no desserts,very little rice,very little oil)
7)Lived in Hyderabad for a major part of life,Bangalore,Tamil Nadu,Lybertiville and now Dubai

7 Things I Do Now:
2)Blog and Browse
3)Play and chill out with Sam and Hud
4)Drop and PIck Sameeha(to school bus not to school,I have to get license ..)
5)Try and cook new things
6)Shop or window shop at shopping Malls(Love MOE)

7 Things I Want to Do:
1)See the holy Kaba,cave Hira, all the places with Islamic history !
2)I want to stop eating all the desserts and stuff and start excercising and get back to pre-marriage looks :-(
3)Be more efficient and improve on my time management
4)Start my career
5)Give a good islamic,ethical,disciplined upbringing to my kids
6)Do endless shopping(high hopes,or u can call this a fantasy)
7)Move to US

7 Things That Attract me About Opposite Sex:
After sometime looks wont matter...that helps only in the initial point of view!

7 Favorite Foods:
1)Mummy's Biryani
2)Basket Noodle from Chung Hua,Hyderabad
3)Shawarma plate of Al-Reef Dubai
4)Pizza Hut's Cheezy bites(droooool)
5)Mummy's tamate methi gosht,khatti daal,tala hua gosht,pasinde,chugar gosht.....
6)irani/persion food ,Lebanese food
7)coffee lovers only(cold stone),mocha almond fudge(London dairy), and 1 I dont remember its name, there was one ice cream in dairy queen with oreo cookies,gajar ka halwa

wow I love talkin about myself ;-)
I would like to tag Mallugirl of Malabar Spices,
Maimoona of mammus kitchen,
armina of live life my size,
zee of like deja vu all over again!

Best buddy award was given to me by Yasmeen of health nut and Malar Gandhi.thank u so much,I would like to pass it on to zee , armina ,anjum and mallugirl!

Some more awards..I think it is awards season everywhere,everybody in the blogosphere is getting and giving awards,
Adlak's tiny world's Hema has honored me with the following awards

Thank you so much Hema

Malar Gandhi of Kitchen Tantra
shared these awards with me

Thank you so much Malar

Pyzam Glitter Text Maker

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Zee said...

Pleasure knowing you Syeda:)

mallugirl said...

ooh!! i got tagged and i am not a big fan of writing so much of myself!! let me see, i will do this one just this one time..:)

Adlak's tiny world said...

hey girl i too tagged u with the same. its interesting to know abt u and if u have time come n collect other awards from my blog.

Malar Gandhi said...

Wow great MeMe...enjoyed reading it. Seems like we have soemthing in common...colored hair secretly! same in streaks! And I am a coffee lover too. Lived in Hyd and Tamil Nadu....

Got something for you in my blog...please trail back to collect them!

maimoona said...

It was good to read abt you, laughed a lot reading abt your streaking hair secretly.
Thanks for tagging me.

Armina said...

Thanks Syeda for tagging me and for the great buddy award.. u're such a sweetheart :) Loved knowing so many great things about u.. The meme thing is so exciting.. reminds me of the slam book we passed to each other in school n college.. keep ur posts coming.. I love the intro u give before disclosing the recipe.. :)

Yasmeen said...

Kyon Dubai pasad nahi aaya? why move to US?:).Let me caution you yahan ke economy abhi kharaab hai:).
Cool!You already visited Disney,we are waiting for chotu to grow up little more.Even I streaked my hair just once in my late teens ,I regret about being such a fashion freak.

I wish to visit holy cities too,Inshallah.

My best wishes for your diet plans and Career plans.Weight gain is talk of our house lately,I lost so much weight Health Nut ke chakar mein,everyone want me to gain back my weight;)

Love of hugs and kisses to Huda and Sameeha:)

syeda said...

Zee: you are most welcome dear!

mallugirl: Oh I am so sorry, I did not know that you did not like memes,but I would love to know about my blogger friends though:)

Adlak....:Thanks Hema for all the awards,and also for the meme.

Malar: wow Malar isnt it great to find that somebody so far away is just like you, and u are lucky,you live in buffalo grove, we used to drive all the way to baffalo grove to eat cold stone!
thanx for the award Malar!

Maimoona:pleasure is all mine Maimoona!

Armina:You are most welcome dear! I know I am a sweetheart;-)thanx for that,will love to know about you! you like my blabbering? thank u so much!


Haanji yaasmeenji! Dubai bahut pasand aaya hai,aur isme kaafi sahulatein hain joke US me nahin,PAR wo jo haina DIL HAIKE MAANTA NAHIN! that is just a wish without much thinking,but if I reason things,I DONT want to move as we are very well settled here and moving there means an upheavel in our lives, so that was more of a Dil se WANT thing rather than Dimaag with a family system running,husband wife and kids,you have to make and take decision dimaag se rather than dil se...right? And we are well aware of the US ki economy, its going down,and also of the Lay offs! Alhamdulillah there no such thing like Lay off here:)

Yes we went to Disney when Sameeha was just 4 months old....I loved every single moment of it, definitely Nabeel will love it and Nasif will be happy to see all those cartoon characters come to life!
Arre yaar dont regret what you did! cherish that time,you got whacky and did that,coz you cant go whacky now,coz your kids look upto u,and u have to behave:)
May Allah give the Naseeb to visit these places to all of us ,Ameen.

Thanx for the wishes yaar,par wishes se kaam nahi chalta,apna secret bataao weight loose jo kiya hai,waise gaining back the weight is much easier than the other way round...isnt it/?

Thanx from Sameeha and Huda to Yasmeen aunty:)

meeso said...

Congratulations on the awards and I enjoyed reading your meme... Ah, pre-pregnancy size, I am dreaming of that also :D

Anjum said...

hey syeda congrats for all the awards u won...u really deserve them...hey i loved dubai...its beautiful.