Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love to dig into this dessert.period.
If you are a coffee lover, then you will love this recipe to bits. This dessert was introduced to me when I was carrying Sameeha, and that time I was a coffee freak, maybe thats the reason why she doesn't sleep a lot.
Jokes apart, still I am in love with this dessert,I must admit my husband makes this better than me:(
There is no need of cooking just dipping and layering, but the main problem for me is that, I learn t this recipe when I was in US, so the crackers that were used were Graham crackers, which are rectangular and flat, so its very easy to layer, here I dont know whether we get these kinda crackers here in Dubai, so anyways I made it with McVites digestives,the taste was same, not much difference, but a little bit crusty,so you can increase the whipped cream layer
I tell you it is very easy,if you are making this without any distractions(mine are sam and hud)then you can wrap it up in about 20-30 minutes,or maybe even less if you are using hand blender to whip the cream.

Each food has memories attached,whenever I eat this, I get the memories of those days when my sammy baby was a tiny tot,our stay in the US,everything gets refreshed,dont you have any food with a story behind it?
mine are uncountable,each food reminds me of one or the the other incident associated with it.
Anyways I am deviating from the topic, the topic was Tiramasu. So,after having tasted this, made at home,I found it in the menu of an American restaurant,without second thoughts I ordered for it,but thank God, the waitress said,that it had Rum in it, oh my God I was horrified.I just politely said 'No, thanx,I think I will go with some other dessert'. So the moral of the story is some things are better made at home, than to eat outside.I mean that was the most difficult part of being in US, you have to be very careful selecting halal food,even bread has to be checked before buying.But then there are many good things too....

Again, I am going away from the topic, I think you better check out the recipe before I start blabbering again:D.

1)Crackers(McVites,Digestives or Graham or Marie) 1 packet
2)Dream whip 1 packet
3)milk to make whip cream with dream whip(115ml i guess,check the whip cream powder directions)
4)coffee 2 tbsp(I love rich coffe flavor,you can use less for mild coffee taste)
5)milk 1.5 cup
6)condensed milk half tin
7)Milk chocolate 1 bar

--Make the whipped cream,according to the dirctions on its packet, add to it the condensed milk and mix well using whisk or an electric blender(this one would save your time and energy)
--In a bowl mix some warm milk(1.5 cup)with coffee.
--Now take a flat dish,take each cracker or biscuit,dip it in the ceffe/milk mixture, and arrange on the flat dish,one by one till the surface of the dish is covered.
--Then put the layer of whipped cream/condensed milk layer,so as to cover the cracker layer.
--Again lay the cracker layer dipping in coffee,then again the whipped cream layer.
--Repeat layering until you run out of the crackers and whipped cream(:)),see to it that the top layer is always whipped cream as this will look good,but nevertheless,cracker layer will also be fine.
--Now grate the milk chocolate,and sprinkle the chocolate shavings on the layers generously.
--Keep it in fridge for about half an hour and then serve

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Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow tiramisu. Yummmy looks gr8 dear.

Zee said...

I make something similar but I use ice-cream instead of whipped cream and condensed milk. This recipe seems quiet interesting and delicious. Gonna try it very soon!! mouth's waterin already..

Anjum said...

nice desert recipe to try.,coffe is something unusual..i think it gives a lovely a coffe lover.

Yasmeen said...

SWEET! that a delectable dessert idea.

maimoona said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Iam great fan of triamisu,I used to eat a lot until I knew it had rum in it.
Thanks to ut recipe I will have a chance to taste my favorite dessert again.