Saturday, September 27, 2008

Huda loves...

These are few things that Huda Loves:
--Huda loves to pull out and tear the tissues from the tissue box
--Huda loves to dance, even to tring tring of phone
--Huda loves to pluck out the olives from pizza
--Huda loves to hold phone near the ear and pretend to talk
--Huda loves shoes(genetic ,you see)
--Huda loves to fight with Sameeha aka Baji
--Huda loves when a fresh bedsheet is laid,she is the first one to climb on bed on it.
--Huda loves to put perfume..not coz ofscent but because of the dash of cooling sensation it generates on skin
--Huda loves to wave at everybody , all the passers by..anybody..*wave*

--HUda loves to call MAMMA ,only when she is angry.
--Huda loves to call LULU(lelo),when I am in the kitchen.
--Huda loves to go downstairs to pick uo Baji from her school bus,and also loves to wave goodbye to the driver of baji's bus
--HUda loves to shift attention from same old mummy,to Baba as soon as he comes back from office.
--Huda loves to play peekaboo...Huda kahaan hai..Huda kahan hai...YAHAAAAAAAN HAI.
--Huda loves to show off her teeth and in doing so wrinkles up her nose.
--Huda loves to imitate a fish that has been removes from water(yeah she is so restless)
--Huda loves to drill her tiny toes on my feet ,when I am doing the dishes,believe me dont underestimate this,its really painful.
--Huda loves to hold her filled feeding bottle upside down,spill the milk on floor and play with it by splashing it splash splash
--Huda loves to follow mummy and shower her attention
--Mummy loves every second of her attention.

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Anjum said...

Huda is mashallh a very sweet girl..loved reading the post...ayaan too is on her are allahs gift....subhanallah