Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The adventures of Tin Tin

There are somethings that you can never forget.

Back then, when I was a kid,I loved comics like any other kid,I read Archies,Tinkle..many more,but the first set of comics that I (not me exactly,will come to it later) read were' The Adventures of TinTin'.

I read it sooooooo many times, that I remembered every line of it.Actually those comics belonged to my sister.

Our school used to gave away gift vouchers from a bookstore for the students who stood first or second in class, so my sister had a voucher for each year,and she had a shelf full of books ,and I was the one who read it all the time:),coz she was busy reading school books!

Yeah I was an average student,'one day batsman:D',managaed to pull up in the top ten,sometimes missed top ten,so was on and off!e TinT

So that was long back,TinTin,is all over and done with no more TinTin now, recently when Sameeha wanted ro see cartoon,I searched for someting,and what I found was a whole series of TinTin episodes,thI was so overjoyed watching it,it reminded me of the good old days,remembered every dialogue in it! every character in it so well, how Captain Haddock says'millions of blue blistering barnacles!',snowy,professor calculous....loved it!

We had four comics of the TinTin series,some others I read it from library!

So the four that we had were

1)The Black Island

black island-1

black island-2

black island -3

black island-4

2)Castafiore Emarald

Castafiore Emarald-1

Castafiore Emarald-2

Castafiore Emarald-3

Castafiore Emarald-4

3)Flight 714

Flight 714-1

Flight 714-2

Flight 714-3

Flight 714-4

Flight 714-5

4)The seven crystal balls

The seven crystal balls-1

The seven crystal balls-2

The seven crystal balls-3

The seven crystal balls-4

So enjoy the cartoons that I grew up with ....

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Armina said...

Aww I love tin tin too but read it only in the Sunday Chronicle.. lol! I had a carton full of books too and my parents were very generous to let me buy several books ranging from tinkle, chandamama, champak to hard cover paperback books of fairy tales and folklore.. from the roadside bookstalls to a famous bookstore at abids called 'AA Hussain'.. woh bhi kya din the :)