Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Umm Ali

Umm Ali

Umm Ali is a traditional arabic dessert supposed to be made on all special occasions.
This is the first time that I tried this out, and it was really good, but very heavy dessert, since this was my first time making it,I made few mistakes which I would like to correct,my husband said it should b little more watery,mine was more like shaahi tukde,soft like, it is supposed to be liquidy,but neverthless,if we ignore the consistancy part of the dessert ,it was tasty...and you can indulge yourself to a melt in the mouth experience.

The funny part is the name of this dessert,which translates to 'mother of Ali',I googled and searched all over, why this particular name, and which Ali is the dessert referring to, luck,I just conclude that,THAT Ali's mother was really lucky that a dessert is named after her:)

There are different versions of this recipe, some have raisins and coconut in it,some have dates in it,I dont like cocnut much so I followed the dates version.

This recipe has been adapted from Abeer of baking-haven, she has a good collection of recipes of cakes and cookies, I have an eye on her Mocha Cake,will try it out after Ramdan,I told you I am a coffee freak

So here is the recipe of Um Ali by Abeer
I added condensed milk ,to the milk in step 3 along with sugar .

Yum isnt it? looking at the pictures makes me wanna make it again and sink my teeth in the rich creamy softness,and the crunchiness of the toasted nuts..*droool*


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Armina said...

Great recipe.. U can call it as Umm Sameeha.. lol.. going by ur description of it.. I'm sure whoever reads it will start drooling.. yum yumm yummmm! Waiting for more mouthwatering deserts.. like Double ka meetha, Khubaani ka meetha and the likes.. :)I'm already missing hyderabad:(

Anjum said...

lovely...nice pic husband loves meetha will try this one out.

Anjum said...

Eid special will b kacche gosh ki biryani ,mirchion ka saalan sheerqorma...i might b having some guest i paln to make chicken 65 its a diffrent varied recipe..its always a hit at my dawats..will post the recipe soon..wht r ur plans?finished shopping?

meeso said...

Looks and sounds great... Thanks for sharing the link :)

syeda said...

Armina: umm sameeha sounds good,wonderful idea lol. inshallah will post whenever I make it,I miss hyd too,...a lot

Anjum: yes anjum it is very good do try out, and ur eid menu looks great,I wish I could make mutton kache gosht ki bryani,but I am really doubtful about the mutton getting tenderised,thats why probably I will go with chicken biryani!sheerqorma is for sure, and also one more dessert I learnt recently in an iftar party,will make that too,and will post its recipe!

Meeso: my pleasure meeso,do try out and let me know.