Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tamate ka Masale ka saalan

This particular gravy is an accompaniment to biryani or bagaara khana or khubooli, mirchi ka saalan is used more often, but the taste is equally good and is wayyy easier, this comes in the genre of bagaare baigan..or mirchi ka saalan, the ingredients for this recipe are simple so,it can be made anytime with great results, you can make this recipe a bit interesting,by adding boiled eggs instead of tomatoes,when this is accompanied with bagaara khaana or any vegetarian main dish,as this would add the protein element to the menu:)
This recipe is going for RCI Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, First I was confused,first I thought of Lukhmi, then I dropped that idea, then Qubooli, but due to some reasons could not make it, so here I am with this gravy.
If you are IN for tangy taste then, you will love this dish and also it is very easy, I guess it will take less than half an hour to be prepared(without distractions).You can make an extra batch of the grounded mixture and freeze it, so that the next time you have to make it, it will be a breeze
So the recipe goes...

1)tomatoes 4 nos
2)dessicated coconut 3 tbsp
3)peanuts 2 tbsp
4)sesame 1 tbsp
5)onion 1 small
6)mustard seeda 1/2 tsp
7)cumin seeds1/2 tsp
8)roasted cumin powder 1 tsp
9)tamarind size of a lemon
10)ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
11)chilli powder 1 tsp
12)turmeric 1/4 tsp

--Roast coconut,peanuts,sesame separately till each turns to light brown colour.
--grind coconut,peanuts,sesame to a fine paste,use required amount of water to grind it.
--Heat oil in a saucepan,then fry the tomatoes(you can cut the tomatoes in quarters or you can slice them) for about a minute, then take it out and keep aside.
--Now in the same oil,put mustard seeds,cumin seeds and fry till the mustard stops spluttering and cumin turns brown,then add onion, fry till it turns transparent.
--Then add g/g paste,red chilli powder,turmeric,salt and then put the grounded masala(coconut,peants,sesame).
--saute this till the smell of coconut and peanuts leaves(bhoonofy it really well!),keep stirring as this masala tends to stick to the bottom a lot.
--After sauting it really well,stir in the tamarind pulp,let it come to boil.
--now let the saalan come to the desired consistency before leaving in the tomatoes.
--So when the gravy comes to the desired consistency, drop in the fried tomatoes,cover the lid and let it simmer for about five mins on a low flame,till the oil leaves from the sides.

Enjoy it with Biryani, bagaara khaana...khubooli.
This recipe goes to RCI Authentic Hyderabadi cuisine hosted by Mona of Zaiqa.

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Kitchen Flavours said...

Mashaallah this looks awesome. Nice entry to the event.

Anjum said...

lovely.,my mom makes it usually with tomatoes i make with mirchis..with anything the taste is simply great.nice entry for rci

syeda said...

KF: Thanx a lot

Anjum: Yeah I love this! or for that matter anything that is khatta:) I relish this with roti plain rice or anything. Thanx

Mona said...

Syeda, Delicious entry! Looks absolotely yummy. I remember my mother used to prepare this tasty Salan along with Baghara Khana usually. Thanks for sending your entry.

Anonymous said...

Yummy Yummy you little mummy.

syeda said...
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syeda said...

Mona: Thanx!

Anonymous: lol,I am not a little mommy, I am a big mommy:D

Anjum said...

hey nice blog layout!!

meeso said...

Looks so tasty, I am bookmarking! You have a nice blog!