Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sameeha to school

Sameeha will be going to school from tomorrow, just today we went and finalised, got her uniform and books, Sameeha is all excited about going to school and meeting her CHEECHER.

I wonder why kids these days are so happy to goto school,I was told back when I went to school for the first time, I cried and cried and cried,maybe kids are more adventurous now.
So for the first day tomorrow,parents are asked to accompany the child, so no worries, this is the first time that I will be leaving her alone without anyone I know, I dont know how she willbehave in school,will she ne shy or active or a cry baby? hmmm lets see...just thinking how fast time has passed, I still remember loitering around my school corridors and playground, now my daughter will be doing the same!

Sameeha's school uniform--check
Sameeha's books---check
Sameeha's bag--check
tiffin box---check

everything is ready,but,I am nervous.
her uniform is really cute, ill post her pic in her uniform.

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Kitchen Flavours said...

Mashallah Sameeha looks gr8. My best wishes are with Sameeha. Inshallah she will be very good in studies and friendly with her classmates. Waiting to hear and see more about her school experiences.

yasmeen said...

Subhanallah..she is a cutie pie:).
Even my son Nabeel has started his full time school this year. He doesn't have to wear any uniform though, he's excited to meet new friends.

syeda said...


Anjum said...

mashallah sameeha looks really cute,looking 4wd for more snaps of her school.its sure a big day in one's life

baji said...


Sameeha MashaAllah is very cute, May Allah protect her from evils and make her kismat the best, where always everything good happens to her InshAllah. Aameen

syeda said...

Anjum:thanx a lot anjum,will soon post the pictures,it sure is a big day!

walaikum assalam, thanx a lot,I think she resembles you a lot:) and Ameen and thanx for all the duas.

Anonymous said...

assalam alikum
Happy ramadan. very cute daughter Mashallha. nice blog keep it upppppppppppp

Armina said...

ASAKM Syeda! Thanks sooo much for stopping by my blog.. I loveddd ur blog n u really write so well.. I can soooo very much relate with u since we seem to be on the same page.. was wonderful knowing u dear.. :)

syeda said...

anonymous: happy ramadan to you too, thanx and thanx


Anonymous said...

hi ur daughter looks good

syeda said...